EightTwenty announces partnership with Comfortworks

EightTwenty, a regional solar energy company based in Oklahoma City, today announced a new partnership with Comfortworks, an Oklahoma geothermal company, to offer homeowners and commercial customers a path to net zero energy.

Home Creations Partners with EightTwenty to Build Solar-Powered Homes

Home Creations announces a new partnership with EightTwenty, a solar energy company based in Oklahoma, to put the power in the customers’ hands to build nearly net zero homes that will minimize utility expenses without altering a homeowners’ lifestyle or energy demands.

Here’s how OKC builders plan to make new homes smarter, more energy efficient in 2022

Looking ahead at what the future holds in the world of homebuilding, one thing seems clear — smart homes will be smarter and greener than ever before.

This prediction is built on the work already being done by Oklahoma City’s three largest builders, and what they plan to expand upon in 2022. 

Home Creations, Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods, and Homes by Taber are all implementing new technology to make their homes both smarter, and environmentally friendly as the market demands change.

The Oklahoman: OKC solar energy company EightTwenty proposes headquarters east of Bricktown

Owners of a solar energy company that designs, produces and installs solar batteries and panels are seeking to build a headquarters and warehouse just east of Bricktown.

The vacant land, owned by the Oklahoma City Urban RenewalAuthority, is located where Sheridan Avenue dead-ends at Interstate 235. 

The proposal by OKC Zero Campus, led by founders ofEightTwenty, includes extending Sheridan Avenue across the Union Pacific railroad tracks and creating a connection between Bricktown and the historically Black John F. Kennedy neighborhood.

Solar doesn’t work in Oklahoma

Here are the top 5 myths that Oklahoma residents often cite for why solar won’t work:

5.  It’s not sunny enough in Oklahoma for Solar.

Oklahoma is the nation’s 7th sunniest state (source).  Receiving 97% of the same sunlight as those in California, Oklahoma has a huge opportunity to harvest the natural energy of the sun.