EightTwenty announces partnership with Comfortworks

January 17, 2022
New collaboration will maximize energy efficiency and savings for homeowners & commercial real estate customers

EightTwenty, a regional solar energy company based in Oklahoma City, today announced a new partnership with Comfortworks, an Oklahoma geothermal company to offer homeowners and commercial customers a path to net zero energy.

The collaboration between EightTwenty and Comfortworks will provide both their existing and future customers a streamlined process to install geothermal HVAC, solar power, battery storage and EV chargers to their homes and businesses. The combination of services are eligible for a 26% federal tax credit.

“By combining geothermal heating and cooling with solar, homes and commercial buildings can quickly reach a net zero status while maximizing savings on utilities,” said Tony Capucille, CEO of EightTwenty. “A geothermal system significantly reduces energy consumption, which in-turn allows customers to install a smaller solar system to fully offset other energy demands. This Oklahoma partnership is a win-win solution for achieving an affordable sustainable lifestyle.”

New solar and geothermal customers can take advantage of a 26% federal tax credit set to expire on Dec. 31, 2022, all while increasing the real estate value by 6% or more.

“We are excited to partner with the exceptional team at EightTwenty to offer our customers an affordable path to net zero by including solar,” said Daniel Ellis, Comfortworks Inc. Chairman. “Geothermal systems already reduce the purchased energy required for heating, cooling and water heating from 60% to 80%. By powering the remaining energy demands with EightTwenty’s solar energy solutions, our customers can achieve full energy independence and gain control over unpredictable utility bills.”

EightTwenty and Comfortworks leverage the power of the sun and earth to empower Oklahomans with a more sustainable, independent and cost-effective way of living. The two companies also have a shared mission to give back to their communities through EightTwenty’s Give Solar program and Comfortworks’ long-standing partnership with Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity on over 600 geothermal homes to date.

Comfortworks has installed state-of-the-art geothermal heating and cooling systems in over 3,000 homes and nearly 4 million square feet of commercial space. Their highly experienced team has an unrelenting commitment to performance, quality, value and customer satisfaction.

EightTwenty delivers commercial, residential and new development solar and electrical contracting projects and prioritizes quality and customer experience with its all-in-house design and build teams. The solar energy company also offers battery storage and generator solutions to maximize solar panel systems, electric vehicle charging stations and other efficiency services to offset energy consumption. 

To learn more about installing a geothermal system with Comfortworks, visit: https://comfort.works/

To learn more about how you can live solar with EightTwenty, visit: www.eighttwenty.com


About Comfortworks

Founded in 2007, Comfortworks quickly became a recognized leader in the geothermal industry nationwide. They focus on turn-key systems that deliver the lowest possible energy costs, exceptional comfort and high installation quality at prices comparable to those of non-specialist contractors, backed with 24/7 service by technology specialists. To learn more about Comfortworks, visit www.comfort.works

About EightTwenty

EightTwenty exists because we believe our greatest resource, the sun, is underutilized and that responsible, advanced stewardship of the sun’s power can lift up our communities for generations to come. We are here to honor that belief by providing services and products that empower individuals and communities to harness solar energy for their own independence; instilling trust in all that we do. To learn more about EightTwenty, visit: www.eighttwenty.com.

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