Live happy. Live solar.

It is time for tax-exempt projects to get in the game.


Multiply Their Impact

When you donate to a solar project your $1 turns into $3 multiplying your gift.

Attractive, Purposeful Donation

Offset 3 Decades of Cost

Get 30% Back


Creative Financing

There are multiple options to fund your solar project – the only bad option is paying your current utility bill.

Solar Loan

30-60% of your project funded by the federal government.


Incredible capital project that multiplies donations by 3x.

3rd Party Financing

Creative solutions that reduce utility costs and require no capital, impacting your institution for decades.


4 Steps to live solar.

1. Consultation

We learn about your institution’s goal and your ideal project.

2. Design

We design your project and establish a budget that focuses on being a wise steward of your resources.

3. Funding Strategy

We work to put together a comprehensive funding strategy that leverages the most creative strategies to implement solar.

4. Live solar

Your institution installs and enjoys solar power, offsetting operational expenses for decades into the future.

“Solar for farm matters because it just makes sense.”
-Vinita Newman



Non- Profits


K-12 Schools


Municipal Buildings