Our Projects

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. 

– Margaret Mead


Solar Dock Powers Lake Home

Solar Dock Energizes Dock and Home

Customer had a desire to take advantage of the unobstructed dock canopy.  This system provides year-round power to both the dock and the home for this beautiful lake retreat.


Louisville Neighbors Go Solar

Two Jobs Completed at Once

These Louisville neighbors were both excited to go solar to make a difference. Neither family were afraid to make a statement with solar on the front of their homes. These well designed solar set-ups show how solar is not only practical but can be beautiful as well.


Norman Home in Historic District.

Historic District Approved

This Norman homeowner studied sustainable construction and knew they wanted solar to power their home. Being in a historic district, the aesthetic of the home was of utmost importance to them and the committee reviewing the design. The solar project passed with flying colors and has helped establish an understanding that solar can be functional and beautiful. This project will also help Norman achieve their clean energy goal set for 2035.


1970's Edmond Home

Decreased Consumption + Increased Production

With a passion for gardening and caring for the land, this homeowner had the desire to live sustainably. The daily gift of solar was a natural fit for their lifestyle. Their 1970s home was inefficient, so they worked with EightTwenty to weatherize their home and add insulation, energy monitoring, and LED lightbulbs to lower their consumption needs. These updates, combined with a beautiful solar array, allowed the homeowner to start living solar without any additional monthly costs!


New Construction in NE OKC

101% Offset by the Sun

A new construction built in 2017, this Edmond Homeowner wanted to make a sustainable decision and leverage technology to run their home. They are now able to see their energy consumption and production in a new light and are passionate about the benefits solar has brought to their new home. They will look to add storage and an EV charging station to their project in the near future.


Barn Powering Entire Property

56.0 kW System

This 5-acre property had a home and barn – each with different services. The barn had the best roofline for solar. Once this was identified, the solution was simple – combine the services and let solar from the barn power the entire property. This 56 kW system is commercial grade and powers the barn and home with a built-in resiliency system.


Newcastle Horse Arena

Installed in 4 hours

This non-profit horse arena had a small energy need, but it was a priority for them to eliminate the energy cost from its budget entirely. This simple 16-panel project was installed in less than four hours and commissioned shortly after to start powering the stable. The statement it makes to run sustainable, independent energy for the employees of the ranch, whom it also serves, is a tremendous benefit.


SE Edmond Home

84% Offset by the Sun

This baby boomer homeowner works in oil and gas and found solar to be a perfect solution for their power needs. Their objective – eliminate their energy bill and eliminate ongoing operational costs for their home. When they saw their roof had plenty of capacity to capture solar, they were excited to get started. They have added a generator for resiliency and will add more panels as they monitor their total offset.


Brewed By The Sun

First Brewery in OK to Brew by Solar Power

A craft brewery had a desire to brew by the sun – they asked their landlord to do solar, and they happily made the investment to improve their property! A win for all parties involved.


NE OKC Bar With Solar Canopy

100% Offset by the Sun

This NE OKC bar added a solar canopy to open up their outdoor dining area and power their business with the sun.


Newcastle Commercial Ranch And Home

42.8 kW System

This commercial ranch in Newcastle considered solar several times but could never make sense of it. By consolidating services, adding a generator, and maximizing their barn roof for a solar array, the project came to life. Solar power now runs the full property, and the ranch owner’s primary goal of energy independence and resiliency was acheived.


Clara Luper Corridor: Residential Project

Power 4 Homes

The Clara Luper Corridor project will serve residents located near NE 23rd Street and Martin Luther King Avenue.  This community is rich in leadership, talent, and vision, yet has been historically marginalized.  Join us as we invest and seek lasting change by harnessing the power of the sun to provide the generational gift of power for these families.


City Care’s New 140 Bed Night Shelter

100% Energy Offset

The local nonprofit provides food for the hungry and relief for the hurting, and they hold space for the complete restoration of lives that have gotten off course.


Restore OKC's Farmers Market

100% Energy Offset

Restore OKC exists to bridge relationships of reconciliation for restorative justice by serving their neighbors in NE Oklahoma City.  Restore Farms is their “urban farm” where their team has gone to work assembling greenhouses and creating sustainable solutions for their community.  Solar not only fits in with their ethos, but it also helps a community connect to a long-term power source – the sun.  Join us in powering their new farmers market!