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Norman Solar Initiative

Together, let’s build a brighter future for Norman

Discover the Norman Solar Initiative and see how the Norman community can experience the power of solar in their homes, businesses, and community

Growing Solar Impact in Norman

See how the Norman solar initiative is already positively impacting the community.


Residential Submissions


Commercial Submissions


Total System Size (kW) across Projects


A community program for solar energy and battery storage built for Norman

The Inflation Reduction Act has set aside some limited funds for commercial entities that are advantageous to take advantage of in 2024. That and with the cost of solar and energy going up, there has never been a better time to go solar.

Built for the unique needs of the Norman community

Tax Strategies

Learn how to harvest tax credits, bonus depreciation, and grants to help your business go solar by leveraging federal incentives.

Education and Outreach

Free workshops and education events that include discussions on solar, the Norman Solar Initiative program, and pros and cons of solar. Get the trusted expertise you need.

Vetted Contractor & Materials

The Norman Solar Initiative has identified a reputable solar contractor that offers best in class materials and warranties to give you the piece of mind on your project.

Support from the Community

Don’t go it alone. With the Norman Solar Initiative, you have support from the community every step of the way.

Free & Trusted Solar Evaluations

Sign up and get a free solar evaluation including preliminary site design, energy usage profile, and financial analysis.

Limited Time Campaign

To accelerate solar adoption in Norman, the Norman Solar Initiative is a limited time campaign with local onsite support and an aggregate buying program for homeowners.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Inflation Reduction Act has set aside some limited funds for commercial entities that are advantageous to take advantage of in 2024. That and with the cost of solar and energy going up, there has never been a better time to go solar.

The Norman Solar Initiative launches on Wednesday, April 3rd and will run through Saturday, August 31st. All leads must be submitted by August 31st to be eligible for Initiative discount. 

The Norman Solar initiative was selected by the City of Norman and Norman Chamber of Commerce and will be led by the Division of Environmental Resilience and Sustainability (DoERS).

There are two primary groups. The first group are commercial and non-profit entities in Norman, who will greatly benefit by leveraging the solar tax strategies available allowing them to hedge energy costs for over 3 decades. The second group are Norman homeowners that benefit from the aggregate buying program offering discounts for residents that go solar. 

Any Norman business or homeowner qualifies for the initiative. Not all projects will be a fit but we highly recommend any and all business owners or residents to review their opportunity to go solar.

There is no cost to the Norman community. Community solar efforts have existed since 2012 in Portland, Oregon where a group of 100 citizens worked out a plan to go solar together. This thinking helped all stakeholders win – the residents, business owners, and the local solar companies that employ local workers. The proposition is simple and creates a win-win.

Low! Silfab solar panels are tested for wind load conditions up to 5400 Pa uplift and hail impact resistance up to 1 inch at 51.6 mph winds!

EightTwenty’s goal is to leave a lasting impact in the Norman community. At the conclusion of the Norman Solar Initiative, EightTwenty will donate a solar project chosen in coordination with the Solar Initiative Coalition to the Norman LMI community!

EightTwenty has relationships with local banks that have a passion for LMI lending to assist those in the LMI community. EightTwenty is also working to obtain grants specifically to offset LMI solar installation costs.

Due to Oklahoma soil and rain patterns, the panels self clean, so there is no need to wash!

Recycling the panels occurs in 30 years. The manufacturer, Silfab, has a department working on an innovative solution and we are confident at the end of the life cycle of a solar panel, the reuse will be strong.

There is a 10-year craftsmanship warranty, 25-year product warranty, and  30-year performance warranty on our solar panels! 

EightTwenty has good relationships with OG&E, OEC, and PSO, working together from permitting through interconnection to help you live solar! 

EightTwenty has a great relationship with OG&E, OEC, and PSO and we work together to help the customer transition from installation complete to interconnected as quickly as possible. Timeframes will vary depending on customer backlog but we anticipate 2-5 weeks for interconnection.

If there is a power outage, your solar system will shut off so that it is not putting energy back to a damaged grid. However, if you elect to purchase battery storage as well, your system will “island” and you will have instant backup for essential power needs to weather short-term outages.

After signing a project with EightTwenty, the installation process has the following steps: Design/Engineering > Permitting > Installing > Inspections > Interconnection


EightTwenty is your neighbor— helping Norman to live solar.

EightTwenty’s purpose is to empower US citizens, families, and businesses to live solar. We started with the plan to build a vertically integrated solar developer to serve Oklahoma and other states across the middle of America. Our goal is to deliver the best customer experience in the country and make solar more viable and accessible than ever.


Let our team show you easy it can be to live solar. Our team of solar experts can help you to better understand the cost and energy savings that solar can offer you. With a quick 15-20 minute conversation, we can start building the most effective plan for your unique needs.

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