Meet with Will

My name is Will Mortensen and I love working for EightTwenty as an Energy Consultant. As an Energy Consultant, I have the opportunity to educate home and business owners alike on how the sun can not only power their property but also how they can be empowered to live a more sustainable, independent and prudent life. Theres nothing like admiring an exceptionally completed solar project with a customer and knowing the positive impact it will have for decades to come. Being an Energy Consultant brings me so much fulfillment because I know solar energy is an excellent solution to a growing problem of skyrocketing energy prices and the uncertainty of the future. I am married to my beautiful wife, Natalie, and I have two young children. We love living on our family cattle ranch just south of Tulsa. We are passionate about regenerative ranching and working with nature, not against it. The sun is such a powerful resource and Living Solar makes so much sense. I am proud to bring this opportunity to Oklahoma residents and businesses to create a better way forward.

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