Meet with Ross

Hello, my name is Ross Cunningham. Much of my career has been spent in the energy industry. After graduating from the University of Tulsa with a Finance degree and MBA, I worked for a midstream natural gas company in Tulsa. My wife and I then spent 10 years away—half in Brussels, Belgium, and half in Santa Cruz, California. Coming full circle back to Tulsa (five children later!), I was a project manager for an E&P natural gas company, working on projects in sustainability. The energy industry is so engaging to me because it is literally what runs our lives. And EightTwenty is even more exciting because we’re helping people harness a God-given, free resource, that’s untapped and limitless, for their vital energy. The idea of owning my own power plant on my roof is awesome! I would love to talk to you more about the opportunity of a stunning solar project, giving your home or business its own clean, efficient, independent energy. With energy prices increasing at a spectacular rate, the value proposition of solar projects is only increasing. Being away from Tulsa for ten years made me realize how much I love this city and state, and I want to make a positive impact by helping individuals and businesses in the area. I aspire to serve our community by creating raving fans who are able to live solar!

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