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My name is Nichole Hughes, and I love being an Energy Sales Leader at EightTwenty. I came to EightTwenty not only because energy is a life necessity, but also because I realized the company’s commitment to integrity and quality would enable me to empower my friends, family, and community with solar energy in a way that would make me proud. With energy prices skyrocketing and demand for electricity going up, my passion is to partner with residents and businesses to create solar projects that will provide them energy for decades to come! ‍ I am proud to reside in Fayetteville and serve the NWA community. I am married to my husband Cliff (a local optometrist), have 4 children, and love serving as co-founder of Anthem Classical Academy, a K-6 school in Fayetteville. I enjoy reading, puzzles, planting trees, listening and dancing to music in my kitchen, making friendship bracelets with my girls, coaching my boys in basketball, lifting weights in my garage, and passionately calling the Hogs with my family #wps! ‍ I am thankful my job is to create thoughtful solar projects that positively impact my community and create raving fans that are able to live solar!

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