Meet with Curt Zelder

My name is Curt Zelder and I am an Energy Consultant at EightTwenty.I chose to work for Eight Twenty as I quickly identified them as an organization built on respect, focus, and quality. This as you probably know, is huge in light of all that is going on in the solar industry. This being said energy is one of life's non-negotiables and I want to set my community and customers up with the cleanest and most efficient form of solar energy tailored to their needs. With energy prices skyrocketing, Texas' unreliable grid and demand for electricity going up, my goal is to execute stunning projects for Texas residents and businesses that will provide them energy for decades to come. I love nothing more than putting together stunning projects for customers and then watching our design and build team go to work to create raving fans. The principles that guide Eight Twenty are fully in line with my passion for empowering people to achieve their own success, in whatever form that may take. I think about the old saying, “Always leave a place cleaner than you found it”.I’ve always tried to live like that, I teach my children that, and now I get to do that professionally. That said… Ask me how to start living solar!

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