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My name is Ben Freeman and I love working as an Energy Consultant at EightTwenty. I came to EightTwenty because I know energy is one of life's necessities and I am passionate about empowering people with clean, efficient solar energy. With energy prices skyrocketing and demand for electricity going up, my passion is putting together stunning projects for Oklahoma residents and businesses that will provide them energy for decades to come. ‍ I am proud to live and work in Oklahoma City, where I’ve been a lifelong resident - I love making this city and state a better place. I am married to my wife Rachel, have 5 human children, 2 dogs, 3 cats and love volunteering my time to serve with City Care, a local non-profit. My personal hobbies include playing music, being out in nature, and lifting heavy weights as fast as possible (CrossFit). ‍ I am thankful my job is to put together solar projects that impact my community and create raving fans that are able to live solar!

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