Meet with Austin

My name is Austin Yeager and I love helping and serving people. Born and raised in East Texas, I migrated to the DFW area for college and then decided to stay for my adult life and career. Fort Worth is now home to me as I enjoy time with the most amazing people in my corner which include my incredible wife, and my unbelievable community of friends and family. ‍ With a background in sports, coaching, and medical sales, I have learned some of the most invaluable skills in how to truly care and make people feel heard and confident in using me to help fulfill their needs. ‍ The reason I came on board here at EightTwenty was for the opportunity to have an impact in people’s lives by doing things the right way, making an impact in the community, and helping people learn how to get the most out of the Sun. The principles this company is founded upon - Respect, Focus, and Quality, is something that matters deeply to me. We open our arms to the community and the people we serve as our goal is to make everyone feel like family. Energy is something we will always need and this is the way of today and of the future. I hope to help cast that same vision and feeling to you and your loved ones while we have a blast together doing it. So come on, and see what it means to Live Solar.

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